Coachella Party Guide Tips

Coachella Party Guide

With Coachella already tomorrow, I thought it would be only appropriate to dish about how to make the most out of the festival party scene.  I have to admit, it can get tiring because there are a lot of events going on, so my first advice is to pace yourself!  Once you get into that mindset, you’ll be able to attend more parties and make it to Coachella. 🙂


Just like my chiller Coachella guide, where you stay really counts.  For someone my age, I suggest doing your research and finding a house that can either accommodate all your friends or find a hotel near Palm Springs where a lot of events are happening.  One of my favorite hotels in Palm Springs is The Saguaro.  Even during the summer, there are always pool parties happening.

Stock Up Food & Drinks

No matter where you’re staying, make sure you get food and drinks.  Whether that is alcohol, late night munchies or water and vitamins, load up on all the food essentials as soon as you arrive.  I’ve been in situations where I’ve woken up the day after partying without any water – it’s not fun!

Check out my grocery list here.  The only things I’d add is Gatorade and vitamins (i.e. especially Vitamin C!) to the list.

Plan For the Parties

Unless it’s your first time going to Coachella, I recommend attending during the late afternoon/evening and then spend the day either recovering or going to all the cool events.  Word of caution though – you must plan ahead with these parties!  Thousands of people attend Coachella and there’s a guest list limit when it comes to these type of events.  By just searching online for “Coachella parties 20xx,” you’ll be able to find links to RSVP.

After Coachella, if you still want to party, there are also midnight parties like the Neon Carnival that is really popular with celebrities.

Use Uber

This probably goes without saying, but don’t drink and drive!  I love using shared rides wherever I go and it takes the guesswork out when deciding which of your friends are going to be DD.


Coachella Party Guide Tips & Essentials | The Beauty Vanity

AE shorts | Adore Me Veranna swimsuit top | Bando battery pack (similar here) | sunglasses (similar here)

Party Purse Essentials

If you have multiple parties to attend, what you wear and bring is also important.  It all depends on the event you’re going to, so if it’s an event that’s much more chilled with snacks, activities, and networking, etc, I’ll make sure to wear an outfit that’s on-trend and more polished.  If I know an event is all about the partying, then I’ll wear something appropriate for that.  Wearing a swimsuit underneath your outfit is a good place to start since there will be a lot of pool parties.   I’m actually loving this swimsuit right now since this one looks like a crop top and I can easily pair it with denim shorts.  For both types of events, I’d recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

No matter which party I go to, I always pack:


If you’ve made it to Coachella at this point, I totally applaud you.  Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

  • Set a meeting place
    • I’ve mentioned this in my previous guide, but make sure you and your friends have a meeting place.  Chances are, all your friends aren’t going to want to see the same acts and that’s ok!  Just make sure you have a meeting place.  The crowds are SUPER rough (especially if you’re near the front) and I’ve also seen groups carry around totem poles to keep everyone together.
  • Wear comfortable close-toed shoes
    • People step on each other (and they DGAF), it’s really dusty, and you’ll be walking around a LOT (I had at least 10 blisters to prove it).  If you still want to look cute, bring two pairs of shoes and keep one in your backpack or locker.
  • Drink plenty of water
    • If you’re in line, buy two bottles at a time – the thirst is real in the dessert heat and I’ve seen booths run out.
  • Go to the bathrooms in the middle of sets
    • People push and shove, cut, etc, just to use the bathroom. Oh, and sometimes there’s no soap or water to wash your hands or toilet paper to use.  Bring these with you!  Check out my Coachella purse essentials here.
  • Leave sets at least 10 minutes before
    • I know it’s super tempting to stay all the way until the end of a set, but the pushing and shoving is not worth it.  Also, give yourself some time to get to the next set.

What are some of your festival party tips?  I just got to San Diego and will be driving up to Palm Springs tomorrow, woo hoo!  Are any of you going?