How to Choose a Spring Fragrance

How to choose a spring fragrance | The Beauty Vanity

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Ah, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the weather feels warmer – it’s SPRING! I think it’s important that with every change in season, you think about how you’re going to update your wardrobe and your beauty routine.  While it may be easy to switch out your wine-stained lip gloss for a peachy pink one, I think it’s also important to think about your perfume as well.

I wear perfume daily and depending on my mood, occasion, and season, I like to switch it up.  Here’s how I like to choose my Spring fragrances:

Start With The Basics

There are 4 major scent groups: floral, citrus, oriental, and woody.

FLORAL: Contains flower notes like jasmine, rose, gardenia, etc.

CITRUS: Vibrant and fresh due to scents from lemons, oranges, and bergamot.

ORIENTAL: Sensual and sophisticated, this group contains aromas from spices (i.e. vanilla, pepper) and incense.

WOODY: Earthy notes from pine, cedar, and tobacco.

Take a look at your fragrance collection and see which scent(s) you gravitate towards to.

Think About Where & When

Since I’m constantly around people during the day, I try to be sensitive to others while I’m working.  So for that reason, my daytime scents are usually on the lighter side.  But for date night, I like wearing something slightly richer and creamier.  This also ties into the strength or tenacity of the perfume.  For everyday or work, I like to choose an eau de toilette and my nighttime fragrances are usually an eau de parfum or parfum.

Choose a Fresher and Gentler Scent

As the weather warms up, choose fresher scents since the richer and more woody scents will be too heavy in the heat.  However, if you absolutely LOVE oriental scents, you can still wear a perfume that has those notes in the underlying layer so that it’s not too overpowering.  My newest fragrance, Britney Spears fantasy IN BLOOM, is a perfect example of this.  It’s floral and vibrant with aromas of cherry blossoms, but also has warmer notes like sandalwood, warm amber, and vanilla.

Test It Out

Feel free to do your research online first – stores like Kohl’s will have descriptions online, so you can narrow down your fragrances but I always like to test out the fragrance in person.  Everyone wears scent differently due to our body chemistry and the scent can change on our skin throughout the day.

Spray the fragrance on your pulse points and let the fragrance sit for a few minutes before smelling it and observing it.  I personally test scents for at least a week before making a decision so I can get a sense of all the notes and if it fits well into my lifestyle.  If it does, I usually buy it online for the convenience.  For example, after testing the Britney Spears fantasy IN BLOOM fragrance at Kohl’s, I found that it fit perfectly into my lifestyle since it was suitable for both day and night.  It was fresh to wear while running errands or at meetings, but I also felt it was romantic and sexy enough to wear at night.


How to choose a spring fragrance | The Beauty Vanity
How to choose a spring fragrance | The Beauty Vanity

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Currently watching some reality TV while drinking some tea – a perfect Sunday night to me! 🙂

Happy fragrance shopping and talk to you soon!

xoxo, Alyson