How to Focus on Inner Beauty

How to Focus on Inner Beauty | The Beauty Vanity

From day 1, I’ve always talked about how passionate I am about makeup on my blog.  I love putting on makeup every day because it makes me feel good.  I love creating different makeup looks depending on the occasion, my mood, and my outfit.  I love knowing that a little lipstick change can brighten up my day.  

Makeup fuels my creativity and it’s fun.

I totally understand that as a beauty blogger, it seems contradictory to talk about inner beauty.  As beauty bloggers, we’re known for piling on the makeup and looking super glam.  But for me, makeup is more to me than just product.  It’s created a positive difference in my life because it makes me happy.  The simple act of putting on mascara or a red lipstick is something I enjoy and do for myself.  It’s my zen time in the morning where I get to focus on me and try on new products.   It includes me with a community of women who also love beauty.

Like many women, I used to use makeup as a tool to cover up.  I’d hide behind tons of makeup because I was afraid of what people might think of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed (and still love) putting on makeup back then, but in retrospect, I used makeup because I was very insecure about me and about the world.  With a little bit more life experience, I’m comfortable being makeup free for most of the week and I’m totally fine with going out bare-faced!  However, statistics show that not a lot of women are.

How to Focus on Inner Beauty | The Beauty Vanity

Today, I’m proud to say that I’m working with Dove and their Self Esteem Project. It’s a sad statistic to share, but “globally, only 11% of girls would call themselves beautiful.”  You may have seen Dove’s videos about self esteem (my fave is this one), and their videos have always stuck a chord with me because I know so many who can identify with these women.

It’s easy to say that people shouldn’t be judged by their looks, but as a blogger, we’re constantly judged by our looks!  I started my blog to be among a community of supportive women who appreciate makeup and who see the beauty in the world.  I’m a strong believer that beauty is more than skin deep, it’s everywhere and it begins within.  Which is why I feel so passionate about talking not only about makeup, but about inner beauty.

How to Focus on Inner Beauty | The Beauty Vanity
How to Focus on Inner Beauty | The Beauty Vanity

Dove ‘Deep Moisture’ Body Wash | Dove ‘Daily Moisture’ Nutritive Solutions Shampoo

The Dove Self Esteem Project has a lot of useful articles about how we can encourage girls to see their inner beauty, but we should also practice this with our family, friends, and colleagues.  Here are some simple, positive actions that I learned that can make a huge difference:

1.) Focus on uniqueness

Instead of paying attention to what a person is wearing or their economic status, focus on what they like doing and who they are as a person.  

2.) Compliment

Build someone’s self-confidence with a compliment.  Instead of complimenting someone on their outfit or lipstick, compliment them on what they’re good at.

3.) Stay positive

Keep a positive mindset, especially about your body.  Negative energy is contagious, so expressing how fat you feel that day can easily affect the people around you.

4.) Choose to see beauty

Beauty comes in different forms, you just have to find it!

5.) Be a model to others

Show respect and kindness to others (including yourself!) – your words and actions can have an impact on someone.

How to Focus on Inner Beauty | The Beauty Vanity

Since 2004, the Dove Self Esteem Project has helped 17 million young people in 112 different countries.  Working with experts, its resources provide tools to build young women’s self-esteem and help them realize their full potential.  Not only am I a fan of the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant (which I pushed to the limits during my European vacation here), I’m proud to use other products, like the Deep Moisture Body Wash and Daily Moisture Nutritive Solutions Shampoo, knowing that I can help support this project.

You can support the Dove Self Esteem Project too by visiting your local Safeway and purchasing Dove products. Get $2 off 2 Dove products this month by downloading the coupon here.

Let’s celebrate what it means to be more fulfilled & empowered in your heart!

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