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The Beauty Vanity | Incoco It's a Nail ReviewIt’s a Nail Review in Good Times (c/o)

Happy Monday!

Today I’m brighting up your Monday with a mani post featuring It’s a Nail by Incoco.

Before Coachella, I showed you an easy aztec/tribal nail art but when it comes to complicated designs, I reach for nail stickers.

The Beauty Vanity | Incoco It's a Nail ReviewI’ve applied these types of nail stickers before, so it took a quarter of the time to finish both hands as opposed to painting my nails with traditional polish.

The package comes with instructions on the back and inside, which I think is super helpful for first timers.  The stickers come in a sealed pouch to keep the stickers from drying out and you basically peel off 2 backings and stick it onto your nail.

There are 8 double-ended stickers for each hand for you to choose from to customize the sizing.  The stickers are never going to fit your nail perfectly, so for those who are OCD, you’re gonna have to deal with the gaps on the side or near your nail bed.

The Beauty Vanity | Incoco It's a Nail Review

Before application, I like to wipe my nails with acetone to get rid of any oil or dirt on the nails.  Once the stickers are stuck on, I use scissors to roughly cut the tips and use a filer (it’s included) to smooth the edges and file away the excess sticker.  I have yet to see how well the stickers last on the nails.

The nail stickers are made from real nail polish and can be removed using nail polish remover.

The Beauty Vanity | Incoco It's a Nail Review

I enjoy painting my nails every week with traditional nail polish since I get to pick and choose what color I like.  However, I think these will be really useful when:

  • I’m in a pinch and need my nails painted ASAP
  • If I’m traveling and don’t want to make people sick with the fumes (i.e. on the bus, plane, train)
  • If I can’t be bothered to do an intricate nail design

I could also see people who hate painting their nails really liking these since it’s so quick to do.

There are 25 nail appliques to choose from on at $7.99.

The Beauty Vanity

  • This pattern is so cool! I always have trouble with stickers as they’re usually too big for me 🙁

    • Aw, you must have the cutest little hands! I have humongous hands for someone who’s under 5 ft tall :O Anyway, there are 8 sizes of appliques for each hand and the smallest one was superrrr tiny.