Wearing Press-On Nails For 24 Hours

KISS Impress Gel Manicure Review | The Beauty Vanity

I’ve been intrigued with acrylic nails for a few months now.

As someone who’s had short nails her entire life, I have questions like…

How do you type?

How do you put contacts on?

How do you text?

How do you put moisturizer on without getting it stuck in your nails?

The list goes on haha.

For me, the moment I feel like my nails are too long, I have this strong urge to cut it.  I guess you can blame my strict piano playing days – I HAD to keep my nails short.  So even to this day, short nails are a must for me.

But I can’t help but notice how acrylic nails are now everywhere.  It’s a huge trend in the beauty space!  From stiletto to coffin to almond, I’m seeing all different shapes and styles and it just looks SO cool.

So I was getting my nails done one day and I was explaining my dilemma to a nail artist about how I want long nails, but don’t want to commit (plus I could NEVER grow them that long).  She replied, “why don’t you try press-on’s?”


I literally have not thought of press-on nails since I was 10 years old.

But I started to do research and I was pleasantly surprised how many pretty looking designs are on Etsy, Amazon, the drugstore, etc.  KISS press on nails are so easy to find at almost every drugstore, so they kindly sent me a few to try.

Keep reading to see my review!


KISS Impress Gel Manicure Review | The Beauty Vanity


KISS Impress Press-On Manicure Pink Design Glitter Accent Nails in Ecstatic Cling

How to use:

Prep Nails

This means washing your hands, cutting and filing nails, and then wiping the nail with alcohol (it comes with one wipe in the set).

Fit Press-On Nails

The set comes with 24 solid nails and 6 accent nails in a bunch of different sizes.  Play around and see which ones fit your nail best.  Bear in mind that the press-on isn’t going to be a perfect fit, but I would suggest picking one that’s slightly smaller than your nail bed.

Then lay out all the nails in the same order as your fingers before sticking it on.

Unpeel and Stick

With this kit, there’s no glue required, so all you have to do is peel the backing and stick it on your nails.  It’s recommended to press firmly on the press-on – the firmer you press down, the longer it’ll wear (so it says).

To remove, I soaked my nails in acetone for a few minutes and the nails peeled off easily.

KISS Impress Gel Manicure Review | The Beauty Vanity
KISS Impress Gel Manicure Review | The Beauty Vanity


  • Really quick and easy to get manicured nails.  Looks good from far away!
  • Get professional looking nail art without having to go to a salon or having to do it yourself.
  • Can cut or file down the press-on’s to your preference.
  • A variety of colors, shapes, and designs offered.


  • One nail fell off within 12 hours.  I can only wear it for maybe 36 hours MAX.
  • Press-on nails didn’t prefectly fit my nail beds.  From the side, you can see real nail peaking through.
  • Edges lifted slightly, even after pressing down.  Probably due to the curvature of my nails.
  • Up close, nails look fake.
  • With KISS, I didn’t love all the designs. I wish they had more on-trend and chic looking nails.  You can find more artisan press-on nails online.


I don’t think I’d wear press-on nails for daily wear.  But I think for special occasions when I only need manicured nails for a short amount of time, I’d be open to wearing them again.

PRICE: $7.99


KISS Impress Gel Manicure Review | The Beauty Vanity

Have any of you tried press-on nails recently?  What is your experience like with them?  Also, if you have long nails, do you have any tips for someone like me to get used to long nails?  Please tell!




  • I love the idea of press on nails and these look really cute!