Wild and Free: Trying the Boho Hair Look

Coachella Festival BraidsIncorporating some sort of braid seems to be the hairstyle to wear at Coachella and while I do my hair in a side braid at least once a week because it’s the quickest and easiest, this hairstyle is just as easy, especially when your hair already has texture from the night before.

I gathered about a 1.5 inch section at the nape of my neck and did a messy carefree braid, not worrying too much about how it looked.  Once I secured it using these small elastic hair ties, I pulled the braids outward to create more thickness.  Lastly, I recurled some sections for more definition around my face.

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Because Coachella is going to be insanely dry and hot, I’m packing these two items to help protect my hair from the sweltering heat.  I dyed and toned my hair not too long ago, so adding a heat protectant spray, like the Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oil Moisturizing Heat Protection Spray, will not only protect my hair from my hot tools, but the sun as well.  It contains Baobab Oil to deeply moisturize my hair with Vitamins A & E.  The Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oil Light Oil Repairing Mist also keeps my hair soft and I like that I can use it to touch up my dry hair throughout the day if it’s feeling parched.  The nozzle sprays a super fine mist on my dry hair and applies just enough product to keep my hair moisturized (I hate that oily feeling with hair oils!).  Lee Stafford’s Ubuntu Oil line is exclusively available in the US at Ulta stores.


  • larissa

    I love that hair look, it’s perfect for festivals or even the beach…I would love to go to Coachella..maybe someday 🙂


  • So fun that you’re going to Coachella, definitely love this hairstyle for it. Looking forward to a detailed blog post about your experience! 🙂

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  • Braids are the epitome of summer style, love this look!