NYFW Purse Essentials

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NYFW Purse Essentials

I made a decision two weeks before NYFW to take a whirlwind trip to NYC and I couldn’t be happier that I went.  This was my first trip to NYFW and I’ve learned so much by going!  I was in awe of all the shows, they were each produced so beautifully and it made me stop and appreciate that fashion is an art.  There’s so much talent in NY, and I saw it first hand backstage and front of house.  I was only there for 2.5 days, but my schedule was jam packed trying to go backstage, to meetings, and shows.  I was barely at my AirBnb, so I had to rely on my huge Cuyana tote to carry my essentials.  Here’s what I brought with me:

1.) Flat Sandals

With all the walking I had to do, I needed my flats with me.  There was no way I could walk blocks in high heels and I quickly learned that everyone backstage wore some form of flats.  I chose sandals that were easy to change in and out of and would go with every outfit.

2.) iPhone

This probably goes without saying, but I relied on my phone for everything!  From checking details about a show to ordering Uber, I couldn’t live without my iPhone.

3.) iPhone Charger + Spare Battery

Having these two items seriously saved my life this weekend.  Using my phone during the shows to take pictures and video really drained my battery and this one from ban.do charged my phone at lightning speed and had plenty of charges in it.  I even shared it with my friends and had plenty of juice left!

4.) Camera

I ended up using my iPhone for pictures most of the time, but if you’re looking for higher quality pics than your iPhone, I love carrying mirrorless cameras because they’re so much lighter than DSLRs!  I have a Canon M3.

5.) Lipstick/Lip Gloss

The September GLOSSYBOX introduced me to the Korres Twist Lipstick and it was perfect to bring along with me.  They’re so easy to apply because of their pencil stick form and also so creamy and pigmented.  A must if you’re always on the go and need a no-fuss lipstick!

6.) Lotion

I brought lotion just in case my hands were dry or my legs ashy.

7.) Gum

No explanation needed. 🙂

8.) Touch-Up Powder

The NYC heat was insane this past weekend and humidity is something I’m not used to.  I tried to keep my face picture ready and this MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation is always in my purse.

9.) Texturizing/Volume Spray

I recently discovered this Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast and I’m in LOVE.  It reminds me of another texturizing spray but this one has longer lasting power.  I just sprayed it into my roots and my hair, and I got sexy volume instantly.

10.) Wallet + Business Cards

I met so many people at NYFW and I’m so glad I had my business cards with me.  You never know who you’ll meet!

11.) Sunglasses

Aside from the bright sun, sunglasses are a must too.  There are photographers everywhere after each show and trust me, having sunglasses on makes taking pictures so much easier.

12.) Blister Band-Aids

I brought these with me just in case I got blisters from my shoes.

13.) Perfume

I knew NYC was going to be hot, so I brought the Armani Acqua di Gioia perfume because it smelled sophisticated and not too heavy at the same time.  It was a nice way to refresh myself in between meetings and shows.

14.) Snacks

Oh boy, having these snacks also saved me this weekend.  I barely had time to eat and had my meals at odd times during the day, so these KIND Bars held me over until then.  I brought two kinds with me, a sweet and a savory, and they are so so so good: Maple Glazed Pecans & Sea Salt Bars + Black Truffle Almond & Sea Salt.