Before You Get A Chemical Peel


SkinSpirit Los Gatos ReviewSkinSpirit Los Gatos

Hello, hello!

Sorry about the radio silence on my blog…I’ve been swamped with school and now that I’m finished for the week, it’s nice to be back.

Today, I wanna talk about a big change in my life and it’s not makeup related – it’s all about my new skin!

For a while now, you’ve heard me gripe about my hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring on my blog.  The new SkinSpirit in Los Gatos invited me to visit and I knew right away that I wanted a chemical peel.

Now, I’m not new to at-home peels and in fact, I probably do them at home every 3 or so weeks.  The results are subtle, but I do notice more smoothness and a brightness to my skin.  However, lightening my acne scars takes a LONG time with my at-home peels.

SkinSpirit Los Gatos Review

Keep in mind everyone is different and my esthetician, Lara, asked many questions to make sure I was a good candidate for the Vitalize Peel.  She applied the peel in layers with a fan to make sure I was comfortable.  It tingled, but the peel didn’t hurt at all.  If you’re thinking about getting one, here’s what I learned:

1.) First Day Glow: Right after my peel, Lara applied a powder sunscreen to protect my face and right away, I noticed an amazing glow to my skin.  It’s totally okay to go out that day/night and apply makeup.

2.) Give Yourself a Week: I started really peeling around the 3rd day and finally finished around day 6.  Remember, everyone’s experience is different, but Thursdays and Fridays are my ideal days to get a peel because I have the weekend for the bulk of my peeling.

3.) Don’t Peel:  It’s going to be tempting, but try not to peel your skin.  It’s recommended to let the layers peel naturally.  Peeling prematurely can expose extra sensitive skin.

4.) Extra Sensitive Products: Time to bust out the extra sensitive products while you peel.  I used Cetaphil to cleanse and moisturize.  I actually kept the moisturizer by me at all times to apply it to my peeling patches.  Also, don’t forget to apply a higher SPF.

5.) Smoothness and Radiance: After the 6th day, I was amazed with the results.  My scars are so much lighter, the texture of my skin is so much finer, and my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results and I plan on going back to get another peel in the future.  I highly recommend getting a peel if you have hyper-pigmentation, scarring, or need to add radiance back into your skin.

If peels aren’t your thing, SkinSpirit also has plenty of other services to get, like facials and microdermabrasions, and their newest location in Los Gatos is so beautiful.

Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you may have about getting a chemical peel!



  • The treatment sounds amazing hun, I’ve actually booked in for a peel at the end of the month so thanks for these tips! I also suffer from acne scars that won’t fad and hyper pigmentation, so I want something to lighten those and also smooth out my skin tone. I’m so pleased you’re skin is glowing, are you going back for more courses of peels?

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • I am! I loved the results so much. I think you’ll like it too, especially with your wedding coming up. I’ve never seen my skin look this good, no joke!

  • Becky

    I’ve never really considered a chemical peel as I do have quite sensitive skin, however hearing that its lightened your acne scars has certainly got me interested. I have discolouration on my cheeks from acne and now that my skin has started to clear up I’m moving on to treating them! xx

    Lipgloss & Lashes

    • There are some really really gentle ones for sensitive skin where they just help resurface your skin and you don’t actually peel. If you have a med-spa near you, you should try a lactic acid peel!

  • I got my first chemical peel in December when I was back in Toronto and loved it! They used the most gentle lactic acid they had and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I want to get another one soon so I’ll have to check out Skin Spirit!

    • That’s awesome! They had three gentler peels too, but I wanted to get a step up (my skin sucks haha). LMK if you wanna go, I can give you a referral for a discount! xx