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It’s the start of music festival season, and I couldn’t be more excited.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was at Coachella last year. There were tons of things I learned from my last Coachella experience, one of them being my makeup.

The Beauty Vanity | Target Beauty NYX Festival Trend

Now I can give the speech on packing light for your makeup bag, but there’s so much more to that! Here are my tips to stay stress-free but still looking flawless at the festival.

1. Multipurpose Products: Try to bring things that serve more than one function. If you have a gorgeous champagne shade in your eye shadow palette, use that as a highlighter! Maybe you have a cheek and lip stain lying around—bring that with you to not only cut down on space but also for easy touch-ups during the festival.

The Beauty Vanity | Target Beauty NYX Festival Trend

2. Focus On the Lips: I tried going super glam last year, but the truth is, I spent most of the time with my sunglasses on. Instead of playing up your eyes, play with a fun lip color. The shades that you’d be shy to wear (i.e. blue lip gloss or matte neon lips) are perfect to experiment with at the festival. I also like to choose quick lip tints (especially those that come in pencil form for easy application without a mirror) or liquid lipsticks, which don’t require much touching up.

The Beauty Vanity | Target Beauty NYX Festival Trend

3. Bring Palettes: Choose a palette that has a good range of shades to wear. You know I love my neutrals, so this NYX Go-To Palette is perfect for any kind of festival look. These palettes also have blushes and highlighters so I don’t have to bring additional products.

The Beauty Vanity | Target Beauty NYX Festival Trend

4. Be Picture-Ready: Music festivals are all about creating memories, and you’re going to be taking pictures nonstop. Whether it’s choosing an HD foundation like the NYX HD Studio Foundation or touch-up powder, bring products that you know will help with your picture game.

The Beauty Vanity | Target Beauty NYX Festival Trend

In case you’re interested, to recreate this look I used NYX HD Studio Foundation and the NYX Matte Bronzer to contour and bronze my face. Except for my lips, I was inspired by the boho back to nature trend that is frequently seen at music festivals and used tones in the NYX Go To Palette that were nude and earthy.

For those who are going to music festivals this year, I hope this was helpful to you! I’m experiencing major FOMO since I wasn’t able to go to Coachella, but I know there will be tons of other music festivals to go to this year instead. Are any of you going? If you’re headed out to any music festival, share your festival makeup with #TargetStyle!

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