My Signature Summer Scent

Victoria's Secret Bombshell SummerVictoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer Eau de Parfum

I’ve always loved the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell fragrance, so when the summer variation came back out, I had to grab it!  It was completely different from anything else I had in my collection; this one is more fruity and doesn’t smell heavy in the heat (notes in this fragrance include grapefruit, currant and lily of the valley).  Trust me, it smells GOOD.  I find that since this is an eau de parfum, the scent lasts all day and a couple of spritzes are all I need.  A bottle of 50 mL costs $52 and although it’s no longer available online, you can probably still find it at the store.

What fragrance have you been rocking this summer?

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