Exciting Announcement + Please Vote

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Psst, I’ve been keeping a secret!

You’ve heard my rant about dry shampoos and how I couldn’t find THE perfect dry shampoo after trying a bazillion.  It’s been a long time coming, but I’m so proud to be sharing with you that I’ve been working on dry shampoo sheets with Volition Beauty.

It only seemed right to partner with Volition Beauty.  Last year, I worked with them to create their infomercial and fell in love with their brand.  The beauty community has always been a personal one for me.  I love that we can learn from each other, support one another, and have this mutual understanding that makeup has to power to instantly give self-confidence.

With Volition, it’s also about community.  It’s also about supporting each other and it’s also about learning from one another.  Anyone with a dream product can work with Volition to create it and work together as a community to produce it.  Someone’s dream product can also be yours, which is why I want to bring out dry shampoo sheets and share it with you guys.  No more dry shampoos that leave a white residue!

Volition ONE TOUCH DRY SHAMPOO BLOTTING SHEETS | The Beauty Vanity(more pics coming soon!)

So today, I’m asking for a big favor.  I receive so much support from you every day (THANK YOU!), and because this means so much to me, all I ask is for a vote.  If every reader can just cast one vote, my product will go into production IMMEDIATELY.  So please vote and let’s work together to bring out a dry shampoo that we all love!