#BTS: A Typical Workday

Behind the Scenes as a blogger | The Beauty Vanity

Let me start off by saying, blogging is not as glamorous as it seems.  It’s a lot more work than people realize and there are a LOT of ups and downs, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m constantly asked what my “job” is and what it takes to be a blogger, so I thought I’d share what happens in a typical work day.


Behind the Scenes as a blogger | The Beauty Vanity
Behind the Scenes as a blogger | The Beauty Vanity

In case some of you didn’t know, I started The Beauty Vanity as a creative outlet while I was in grad school.  Fast forward to over three years later, and I feel very blessed to be calling this my job.  In my past job, I worked with a lot of beauty brands, so I still get very excited when I start working on a new collaboration.   A pivotal moment in my blogging career was when I was approached by Collectively, an influencer marketing agency, to work with a major beauty brand.  I’ve been a huge fan of this brand since I was 12 years old and at that point, it gave me the courage to continue to give my dream a try.  If it wasn’t for Collectively, I wouldn’t be here today!  I’m very lucky that they’re based out in SF, so I’ve met many of them and I feel like they really care about me as a person and me as a brand.  They compensate me fairly and always introduce me to brands I love.  Plus, they’re extremely organized and an absolute joy to work with – thank you Collectively for helping me pursue my dreams!

If any of you reading this are bloggers, I highly recommend working with them (sign up here).  If not, I hope this encourages you to get out there and network in your industry.  This is one of many examples where networking has grown my blog professionally.  Read more about what I’ve learned in my 20s here.


Behind the Scenes as a blogger | The Beauty Vanity

Anyway, onto my typical workday.  I’m trying to work on my work-life balance, but sometimes the hustle is necessary!  Bear in mind that everyday is really different for me, but here’s what usually happens:

9:00 – 11:00

Write my to-do list and answer my ever growing list of emails.

11:00 – 12:00

Prep for a photo shoot and eat lunch.  This includes getting props, planning outfits, makeup etc.

12:00 – 2:00

Shoot with my photographer.  We’ll usually do more than one shoot so that I’ll have pictures for multiple posts.

2:00 – 4:00

I’ll drive to SF for an event to do some networking and to see my SF blogger babes.

4:00 – 6:00

Catch up on emails and check social media channels.

6:00 – 7:30


7:30 – 9:00

Eat dinner and hang out with my bf.

9:00 – 12:00

Edit pictures and write a blog post (I’m a night owl).

12:00 – 1/2:00

Answer emails.

Are these posts something you’d be interested in? Let me know if you’d like to see more of behind the scenes, happy to write about it on my blog!  Or would you like to see this more on social media?

  • I loved how you broke down your day! Blogging is such hard work and I agree – a lot of people don’t realize how much! Great post!

    xo, Liz

    • I feel like so many people think it’s glamorous and easy, but it really isn’t! Most days I don’t even leave the house haha.

  • Twin-brains! I am working on a “day in the life” of a blogger too. But yours is so much more easy to read! LOL I’m ranting with 1800+ words over on mine (not yet live). I gotta trim some stuff down, my goodness. Haha!

    • ooooh, no don’t cut it down!! I want to know what your day looks like too – rants and all hehehe. it’s always interesting to see how other bloggers spend their day.