Holiday Cocktails

Austin Cocktails HolidayHoliday Cocktails

One of my favorite things about holiday parties is festive drinks.  Especially when they’re alcoholic, they make hanging out with your family sometimes much more bearable (did I say that out loud? haha).

I discovered Austin Cocktails at a local event and fell in love.  Not only is each serving under 100 calories, but each drink is made with pure ingredients like fresh mint and basil, fresh juices and agave nectar.  I think what I love most about these cocktails is how EASY they are to prepare.  As much as I love drinking artisan cocktails, I’m not too skilled in making cocktails.  So I was more than thrilled to hear that all you really had to do was add ice and a garnish to prepare the drink.

Austin Cocktails HolidayAustin-Cocktails-2Austin Cocktails Vodkarita with cranberries and mint

Makes 6 drinks.

1 bottle of Austin Cocktails Vodkarita
1.5 cups of fresh cranberries
4 sprigs of mint
Ice (optional)

Chill the bottle of Austin Cocktails Vodkarita and freeze the fresh cranberries until frozen solid.  I easily found fresh cranberries and mint at my local Trader Joe’s.

When it was about time to serve the cocktails, I added the frozen cranberries to each glass.  I hate it when ice dilutes drinks, so I wanted the cranberries to serve as the ice to prevent dilution.  You can totally add ice if you want though!  Pour the Vodkarita into the glass and garnish with mint.  It’s totally optional to add a paper straw, but I saw these straws at my local craft store and I couldn’t resist.

Austin Cocktails HolidayAustin Cocktails HolidayAustin Cocktails Vodkarita with raspberries and mint

Makes 6 drinks.

1 bottle of Austin Cocktails Vodkarita
6 oz of fresh rapberries
4 sprigs of mint
Wedge of lime
Ice (optional)
Splash of club soda (optional)

Just like the previous recipe, chill the bottle of Austin Cocktails Vodkarita and freeze the raspberries.  Meanwhile, use the wedge of lime to moisten the rim of the glass.  Dip the rim of the glass into sugar.

Once the raspberries are frozen and the Vodkarita is chilled, add the raspberries to each of your glasses.  Then, add the Vodkarita and sprig of mint for garnish.  Again, ice is optional since the raspberries are already frozen.  If you want to add a little carbonation, you can add a splash of club soda too.

Austin Cocktails

Please checkout Austin Cocktails if you’re looking for girly drinks with healthy ingredients – they’re the perfect addition to any holiday party.  There are four different types of flavors with endless amount of possibilities.  To purchase, there are many locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and online too.

My favorite is Paradise Found, which flavor would you like to try?


  • Love the idea of Cranberries in a cocktail!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • jill

    I’m thirsty just looking at this!! Beautiful Cocktails

  • Adaleta Avdic

    This is such a lovely post & I wish I had seen it sooner because I would’ve made some of these for the fam on Xmas! Now I know for next year 😉 xx, Ada